S5 Box

The prefabricated houses of Jacinto are built on a concrete foundation which can be supplied by the customer or FTF.

The material to supply includes a sturdy galvanized steel structure, exterior and interior panel’s of polyurethane soundproof foam with 60mm thick. The finishes can have a color set by the customer.
The internal ceiling panels are thermally insulated and with white color, the roof panels are of polyurethane tile with clay color. It also includes the external joinery in lacquered aluminum double glazing and interior doors and baseboards in MDF and finishes in the chosen color. Sanitary ware, shower, mixer and plumbing needed for bathing and cooking are also supplied. The kitchen furniture is provided in wooden structure coated with high strength MDF, dish washer in stainless steel and top in synthetic material resistant to temperature and humidity.

The electrical system is provided and includes general framework with unipolar circuit breakers and differential, single-phase sockets, switches and wiring for the implementation of network and branch boxes.

The installation of the prefabricated houses takes 5 to 7 days for a T2 or T3 respectively, after implantation of the concrete foundation.

It may be provided other types according to customer interest. The T2 and T3 have the following dimensions 7.76 X 9.96 = 77.3 m2 and 7.76 X 13.26 m2 = 102.9 respectively.

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