Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Work


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"safety begins in each one of us"

  • Specialized technical consulting and advising
    • Technical reports of necessary means on premises
    • Technical Audits of Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Work
    • Elaboration of Projects in Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Work
    • Prevention in Fire Security with specialized personnel and appropriate for the type of facilities to protect
    • Containment track maintenance in forest perimeter
    • Creation of restraint tracks with controlled fire use
    • Systems for preventing and fighting fires in forest perimeter
    • Development of a hazard prevention program
    • Risk Analysis
    • Preparation of technical reports, including definition of means of firefighting, distribution of the resources thru premises, specific training requirements of human resources, etc.
    • Preparation of emergency, evacuation, prevention and contingency plans
    • Preparation for certification OHSAS18001
    • Definition of self-protection measures in order to improve performance for insurance purposes
    • Maintenance of Fire Fighting Equipment
    • Organization and Management of Emergency Operations Centers
  • Specialized technical training in Fire Safety and Health and Safety at Work
    • Training of first intervention, evacuation and first aid teams in the context of firefighting
    • Training of Responsible and Safety Delegates
  • Import/Export
    • Vehicles of firefighting and rescue (Amphibious and Land)
    • Firefighting equipment (fire extinguishers, emergency signage, armed networks firefighting, etc.)



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Fire Safety Experience and
Health & Safety at Work

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Technology and Information
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