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We do consulting and services in the areas of Fire Safety, Health and Safety at Work, and Technology and Information Security; Import and export of firefighting vehicles and rescue services, equipment and material from the different areas; Training and project elaboration in the mentioned areas; Commercialization and implementation of Prefabricated.

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Fire Safety & Health and Safety at Work

The Fire Safety, Health and Safety at Work is an increasingly important issue in our day to day specially in the welfare and progress of a company.
Today this question is very important in the defense of persons and goods. Motivated and protected workers is a key factor for the success of an organization. Not always we have the means available as a simple fire extinguisher at home or in the car. Often these devices result in a small investment and represent a rather significant reduction in future costs.
The Health and Safety at Work combined with Fire Safety procedures protects property and personnel, safeguards the real interests of the organization, and can still mitigate considerably the insurance premiums.
Thinking about it, we want to be an innovative company and attentive to the best solutions, with the motto "safety starts in each one of us"

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Technology and Information Security

Nowadays technology is part of our personal and professional lives. In order to have the guarantee that our information is only shared with who we want, we need to protect our data.
We are a company that ensures the safety information associated with technology, we do not want your data falling into the wrong hands.

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The prefabricated houses of Jacinto are built on a concrete foundation which can be supplied by the customer or FTF.
The material to be supplied includes all the panels structure, sanitary ware, kitchen furniture and provision of electric material and necessary plumbing. They are available in different typologies.

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Fire Safety Experience and
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Technology and Information
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