About Us



FTF – First Things First Mz

Consulting Company in Fire Safety & Health and Safety at Work, Technology and Information Security. Commercialization and implementation of Prefabricated.

Who we are

We are an innovative company that was born from the needs of the Mozambican market. All our products, services and recommendations are based on certified equipment proven nationally and abroad, notably in the OHSAS18001 certification and preparation and implementation of emergency plans in one of the biggest national companies.

What we do

We do consulting and services in the areas of Fire Safety, Health and Safety at Work, Technology and Information Security; Import and export of firefighting vehicles and rescue services, equipment and material from the different areas; Training and project elaboration in the mentioned areas; Commercialization and implementation of Prefabricated.

34 Years

Fire Safety Experience and
Health & Safety at Work

20 Years

Technology and Information
Security Experience